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Garage Services

Garage Services in Birmingham

Motorbodies offer comprehensive garage services from our fully equipped modern facilities in Birmingham.

As a manufacturer-approved garage, we are fully qualified and trained to repair and service all makes and models of vehicle.


Properly functioning brakes in your vehicle are essential to motoring safety. Motorbodies caters for brake fixes and repairs of all shapes and sizes on any make and model of car in our fully equipped garage full of professional mechanics.


The symptoms of a faulty clutch include difficulty in changing gear, hearing a grinding noise when changing gear and a loss of acceleration despite high engine revs. If your vehicle appears to be suffering from any of these or you want to have your clutch checked out to be on the safe side, bring it to Motorbodies where we'll carry out any repairs your car may need.


The exhaust system is a very important component of the vehicle, which directs noxious gases away from the cabin and makes sure your car is being as fuel efficient as possible, so it's vital that the exhaust is in perfect working order. At Motorbodies, we can check the condition of the exhaust system and carry out any repairs in order to ensure the smooth running of your vehicle.


We supply high quality replacement tyres for all makes and models of vehicle. Your tyres must meet the legal requirements for tread depth and tyre quality, and at Motorbodies we can ensure this is the case.

Wheel Alignment

Speed bumps and potholes can take your steering out of alignment. Motorbodies provide quick and easy checks on your wheel alignment, leadng to a more relaxed driving experience.


For additional garage services in Birmingham, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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